I am Dieter Börgers. consultant, speaker and host

for all topics in the fields of leadership development and
leadership culture.

I have worked in HR consulting for the past three decades and helped numerous people and companies to achieve and execute their goals. My drive arises from my curiosity and my constant strive to improve my services in HR consulting.

I love the fact that my work advances perpetually.

"Employees can achieve everything - especially if they are developed and receive the correct knowledge and tools. The growth will be even more remarkable if you believe in them."

Fundamental stance of my individual professional selfconception

towards my clients

result-orientated, structured and disciplined.

towards my customers

loyal and seizing accordingly to the customer’s needs

towards everyone

cooperative, attentive and careful towards the individual

I smear the hinges but you have to walk through the door by yourself.

My mission statements:

Swiftly but without a rush

I am taking my time for the consumer’s needs.

With integrity and transparency

I will accompany you with integrity and transparency


Paving a successful route in cooperation with my clients.

In collaboration with