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Why Personalkultur?

As a leader, do you want to guide your company into a more successful and sustainable future? Are you searching for a well-suited coaching programme to fulfil your leadership expectations? Are you aspiring for a consultation to add more work-life-balance? For all these needs, Personalkultur is your perfect point of contact.


“Development for leadership and young executives“

Across all industries challenges for experienced and young executives will stay complex and fundamental. Time and again executives are confronted with drastic changes and unexpected disruptions. Especially in highly dynamic and due to digitalisation accelerated times, executives are expected to stay on top of things,
concentrate on the essentials, make decisive choices and act initiatively.

Individual consultations or team-based workshops prepare clients intensively and comprehensively for the challenges ahead. Initial options for reflection as well as impulses and tools for self-development will also be gained. These tools offer opportunities to guide a company into a sustained, successful future and will help to build a following.

“Leadership and transition coaching”

Many employers support their executives and top performers. After a change of position, high expectations are held. Opportunities to prepare and accompany these transitions in order to be aware or minimise risks are rarely utilised.

Professional support and assistance prepare the affected person for the upcoming tasks at hand. Preventive measures already put executives and top performers into a position of an attractive employer and ensure that expectations are met or even surpassed.

“Relationship and family consultation“

Professional careers, increasing flexibility, mutually growing burdens, lacking preparation for the upbringing of children and the accompanying responsibilities as well as fragile and diverse relationship and family structures more and more frequently seem to shake private relationships. Even though the affected parties wish for potential external sources of power or a reservoir in order to establish a long-desired balance to daily work.

During gentle but intense dialogues or preparing individual interviews the partnership or family situation will be reflected and analysed. In the process, affected parties can find and implement self responsible, sustainable resolutions.

The client always and unrestrictedly deserves a maximum of respect, discipline, commitment and expertise by the consultant when going through a fundamental change process.

Additional fields of activity

Leadership seminars

Leadership seminars address inexperienced and experienced executives that want to achieve excellent results and stay in top shape.

Consultation for change processes

If a company faces big changes, a consultation on HR relevant, corporate change processes can help to implement specified goals smooth and fast.

HR conception

In order to create a conclusive HR concept many different strategic measures are needed. We will include and implement these measures in individual stages of the concept development.

Consultant for career starters

No problem at all! During our career advice session we collectively will work out your strengths and weaknesses and devote ourselves to your competences and preferences.

New- /Outplacement consultation

I will help you to develop a long-term perspective and career strategy, set up connections with relevant contact persons and put you into contact with new employers.


Finding staff is no problem for you! But are you locating the right talent? You can utilise my network to acquire staff that conveys the needed abilities optimally!

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