Speaker & host

For every occasion

As host

Balanced and humorous.

Whether harmonic dialogue or combative discourse, unintentional and evolutionary or systematic and structured – a professional host guides through workshops, meetings or big events and can make a difference if you want to achieve valuable results.

As voice actor

Meeting your expectations.

A movie without pictures. The significant element of an audio drama is the audio: Language, noise and music with the spoken word – the voice – being given a special significance due to it serving as the “embodiment“

I received my intense voice actor education from Manuel Francescon

Audio samples

As audio book speaker

One voice, many personalities.

Due to the fact that an audio book most of the times has only one speaker, the voice needs to be able to be very versatile in order to give the characters many “individual“ voices. This way the famous “inner cinema“ emerges.

I received my comprehensive studio speaker education from Sandra Lühr

Audio samples